Meanwhile in Belarus

Not to anyone’s surprise, the Belarusian goverment performed a malicious attack on internets during the elections. According to reports on Twitter, they blocked SSL connections. This means that sites such as Gmail, Twitter and Facebook were forced into non-encrypted mode, if they even worked at all.

Such an attack is particularly evil. Internauts then run the risk of being wiretapped while they are left completely insecure in a harsh network environment. Let us all hope noone gets injured because of this abuse of power.

The video tutorial above is an instruction on how to install and use the Tor Software on Linux for using the advanced hidden services to connect to the Telecomix chat network. Ten minutes of hacking turns the Belarusian internet censorship and surveillance obsolete.

Now, it’s too late to secure up the networks this time. But for the future, if we all learn darknets and computer security, we will be able to avoid future dangers.

To make this tutorial, I used the screen capture software RecordMyDesktop for filming Hannah Montana Linux (Ubuntu based) running in a virtualbox machine. Then I edited the film in PiTiVi and exported to AVI for upload on Youtubes. All software, except the last video codecs, are free software.

Make more tutorials and spread the knowledges of freedom!

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  1. Wouldn’t it be just as easy for the government of Belarus to block TOR or I2P communications? Certainly you can make this a game of cat and mouse by changing protocol when the government extends their filters but other than that, there is no technical defense against this kind of service denial.

    It’s unlikely though that Belarus would do this often as it stops them too from communicating secrets safely. In fact, I would be surprised if no Belorussian hackers used the opportunity to listen in to some government communication.

    1. Elias: Yes, it is possible to block Tor, and most likely I2P too since they are both overlay applications using the normal Internet protocol. However, there are solutions to this. Tor uses bridge relays to tunnel the network through block filters, and you can always tunnel your traffic out through any national firewall to hook up onto the darknets.

      Blocking a darknet only works for the parts of the darknets that have public IP-lists. But they may also function in a much more hidden way by manually knowing a certain point that relays you up on the network.

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