Kort om Peace and War Digital

Första dagen har gått i krigets tecken. Det tar lite tid att bearbeta anteckningarna eftersom de är på tyska/engelska/svenska, men det kommer. Låt mig istället arbeta med genren att rekonstruera en dialog jag hade med några hacktivister.

– So why are you here?

– I am giving a plenary speech tomorrow about surveillance and activism.

– Really… I heard that you have some problems in Sweden…

– Yeah, we really do… but we will probably work something out…

– You say signals intelligence…

– Yes. Panspectric surveillance where the State is copying all internet traffic. The major struggle is about the FRA, which is similar to Bundesnachrichtendienst, MI6 and the NSA…

– No. That’s impossible… a copy of all traffic!

– Not when it comes to traffic data…

– You mean, as opposed to content-data?

– Exactly. And since you are a programmer, you probably know what you can do with traffic data…

– The state is getting a copy of that? How is that possible?

– Well, they connect cables at so called ”co-operation points” and duplicate what goes through the fibre channels. You should watch a video by my colleague Mark Klamberg. He explains it very well, I will e-mail you the link.

– That can´t possibly be legal.

– It will be on the first of January. However, in Germany you already have the IPRED and the Datenspeicherunggesetz (loggningslagen). So you are quite ahead of us in a few respects.

– That is true…

– But we should not fear this repression. We should co-operate and make heterogenous constellations.

– Heterogenous… what?

– It is a Deleuzian concept. I will talk more about it tomorrow. But if you imagine the Pink Panther and how he makes love to the world, you would get a clue.

– You are one of those crazy humanities people, right?

– Sure thing. I call it empirical philosophy.

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